REVIEW: Strange Weather, The Big Takeover

2016 | Elizabeth Klisiewicz

Atlantic City might seem like a strange home for shoegaze, but despite their EP title, there is nothing strange about Deardarkhead’s majestic, instrumental brand. They pull out all the stops on this madly whirling dervish, throwing down shimmering walls of feedback, then pulling back to dreamy textures to make you swoon. “Falling Upward” starts like old school Chameleons before jacking up the energy to 11; “Ice Age” has cool bass and percussion lines that skitter along in the best post punk tradition, and its companion, “Juxta Mare,” skids more toward classic shoegaze; “March Hares” sounds massive with booming drums and guitar that reminds me of “She Sells Sanctuary”-era Cult; “Thinking Back” is a crowning achievement, with towering shards of blissed out guitar and thick bass. The entire ep slips by in a flash, leaving the listener wanting much more.