Strange Weather

Personnel: Kevin Harrington (guitars) Kevin McCauley (bass guitar) Robert Weiss (drums and percussion)

Tracks: Falling Upward, Sunshine Through The Rain, Juxta Mare, March Hares, Ice Age, Thinking Back

Producer/Engineer/Mixer: Jonathan Low
Shaker on March Hares: by Jonathan Low
Mixing Direction: Kevin Harrington

Mastering: Ryan Schwabe

Recorded at: Miner Street RecordingsPhiladelphia, PA on May 23rd-26th, 2014

Date of release: March 25th, 2016    Label: Saint Marie Records    Format: CD/LP/Digital

Sleeve design: Wyatt Parkins

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Oceanside: 1991-1993

Personnel: Michael Amper (vocals, rhythm guitar), Kevin Harrington (guitar), Kurt Douglass (guitar). Blakely Parent (bass), Robert Weiss (drums)

Tracks: Surf’s Up, Crystallize, Oceanside, Enough, Just For You, Rollercoaster, Invisible, June 28th, Strobelight, Little Marinara, Fish*, Auburn*, One Of A Kind*, Lighthouse*

* Denotes bonus tracks available only on CD/MP3 & with the LP’s digital download card or the limited edition cassette

Mastered at: Bonati Mastering, Brooklyn, NY
by Josh Bonati

Date of release: 2011    Label: Captured Tracks   Format: CD, LP CT-128 and limited edition cassette CT-130

Sleeve design: Ryan McCardle
Photography: Robert Weiss

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Unlock the Valves of Feeling

Personnel: Michael Amper (vocals, bass, guitar) Kevin Harrington (guitar, 6 string bass) Robert Weiss (drums and percussion)

Tracks: Chrome Horse, Spaceman, Stained, Never Coming Down, Through Closed Eyes, Alone With You, Echo, Sleep, Gone, Rain, Neverwhen, Star Machine, Home

Producers: Jay Sorrentino, Ken Heitmueller and deardarkhead
Engineers: Jay Sorrentino and Ken Heitmueller
Assistant Engineer: Dave Kampel

Mastered at: KAO Optical Lancaster, Pennsylvania by Edward Van Landegham, Jay Sorrentino and Michael Amper

Additional instruments: Church bell and sauna steamer by Jay Sorrentino

Recorded at: The Churchbox, Lancaster, Columbia, Pennsylvania

Date of release: 1998    Label: Fertile Crescent Records    Format: CD only release DDH5

Manufactured at: Disc Makers, Pennsauken, New Jersey
Sleeve design: Robert Weiss    Photography: Jason Messer

The sonic environment captured on this digital compact disc recording has been organized to produce a coherent sequence of tones intended to elicit an aesthetic response. for optimum results, play often at an elevated sound pressure level, preferably in a public setting.

Another Fertile Crescent fiasco!


Personnel: Michael Amper (vocals, rhythm guitar), Kevin Harrington (guitar), Blakely Parent (bass), Robert Weiss (drums)

Tracks: Just For You, Rollercoaster, Invisible, June 28th, Strobelight, Little Marinara

Producers: deardarkhead
Engineers: Ken Heitmueller and Jay Sorrentino

Recorded at: The Catbox, Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Date of release: 1993    Label: Fertile Crescent Records    Format: CD only release DDH4

Sleeve design: Allen Crawford

Secret message can be heard at higher decibels....

Another Fertile Crescent disaster...

Melt Away Too Soon

Personnel: Michael Amper (vocals, rhythm guitar), Kurt Douglass (guitar), Blakely Parent (bass), Robert Weiss (drums)

Tracks: Surf's Up, Crystallize, Oceanside, Enough

Producers: deardarkhead
Engineers: Mike Kehr
Remixing: Mike Kehr and Dave Wink 

Recorded at: Audio Plus, Northfield, New Jersey

Date of release: 1992    Label: Fertile Crescent Records Format: CD only release DDH3

Manufactured at: Disc Makers, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Sleeve design: Allen Crawford with Robert Weiss. Featured in Print's Magazine 1993 Computer Design Annual for outstanding package design.

do yourself a favor and turn it up...

this is a fertile crescent disaster...

Spiral down and Vibrate

Personnel: Michael Amper (vocals, rhythm guitar), Kurt Douglass (guitar), Blakely Parent (bass) Robert Weiss (drums)

Tracks: Fish, Auburn, One Of A Kind, Lighthouse  

Producers: deardarkhead
Engineer: Gary Pinckney

Recorded at: Dekar Studio, Northfield New Jersey

Date of release: 1991    Label: Fertile Crescent Records
Format: Cassette only release DDH2

Manufactured at: Disc Makers, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Sleeve design: Allen Crawford

play this tape loudly...

Greetings from the Infernal Village

Personnel: Blakely Parent (vocals, rhythm guitar), Kurt Douglass (guitar), Josh Minor (bass), Robert Weiss (drums and ebow)

Tracks: Monkeywrench, Arrows Fall Far, One And The Same, Dust In The Shadows, Words, Pedestal, Grains Of Salt

Producers: deardarkhead

Recorded at: Linwood, NJ on a 4 track

Date of release: 1988    Label: Fertile Crescent Records
Format: Tape only release DDH1

Sleeve design: Allen Crawford

play this tape loudly...

Compilations etc.

Static Waves 4
(Saint Marie Records, USA 2015)

"Juxta Mare" appears on the forth annual compilation release by the sonically-driven label Saint Marie Records, that specializes in Shoegaze, Dreampop, Indie Pop and Electronica. 33 tracks exclusively from the Saint Marie roster, including Mark Van Hoen, SPC ECO, The Cherry Wave, Secret Shine, Static Daydream and many more.

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Popular World
(Sky Blue Records, USA 2000)

"Never Coming Down" appears on this 23 song cd released by
Tim Hinely of Dagger Zine. Including indie favourites St. Christopher, Ladybug Transistor, Brideshead, The Shining Hour, Kitten Factor, Saturnine, Sweet William and many more.

The Winner is The Loser
(Friendly Science Enregisterments, UK, 2000)

Robert Weiss plays sitar on "Beyond the Clouds" by the Friendly Science Orchestra. Featuring Ian Masters (Pale Saints, Spoonfed Hybrid) and singer: Rie Takeuchi from Luminous Orange.

Dream POP
(Big Fish Records, Japan, 1999)

"Gone" appears on this 16 track, Japanese cd compilation of international, indie, dreampop bands including: Chicklet, Faith & Disease and Le Mans.


Splashed With Many A Speck
(Dewdrops Records, USA 1997)

"Sleep" appears on this 2 cd set from Dewdrops Records, an outgrowth of the Dewdrops fanzine. Mostly unsigned bands performing over 2 hours worth of "uncommon music that deserves to be heard." This compilation was notable in that it featured the exclusive United States-release of a Cocteau Twins track "Touch Upon Touch" that had previously only been included on a UK compilation called Volume 5.