REVIEW: Strange Weather, Atlanta Music Examiner

Presenting February's edition of Chris' Pick Six

February 15, 2016 | Chris Martin

The upcoming record - Strange Weather - is a six song melodious journey down Deardarkhead’s sonic highway. After their lead singer departed in 2009 they reinvented themselves as an instrumental band creating a sound that needed no lyrical input. The band precisely incorporates jangly guitars, pop infused melodies and vociferous rhythms that hook listener’s much in that way a catchy chorus does. The songs have a classic feel, reminiscent of the 80’s which helps with the likability of Deardarkhead’s music. The jangly guitars on “Falling Upward”, the brooding undertones of “March Hares” and the spacey melodies on “Thinking Back” anchor this record and will keep listeners returning to submerge themselves into Deardarkhead’s soundscape.